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Paul Rollet worried that high casualties and a dearth of replacements would fold the legion on the Western Front — fortunately, the Hindenburg Line caved before the RMLE ran short of rifles. After the war, Rollet, now inspector general of the legion, fretted that the old legion had died on Vimy Ridge, in Champagne and Verdun and on the Chemin des Dames. When French officers who had spent time as prisoners in Germany were sent to the legion to acquire command time for promotion, they so abused German legionnaires that many opted to desert.

Doubts about legion discipline, solidity and adaptability made some commanders reluctant to commit them to combat in North Africa and Syria in Rollet was distressed to the point of distraction by what he viewed as assaults on the legion by novelists, filmmakers and even in the sensationalist memoirs of alleged ex-legionnaires, tales that inevitably culminated, as in Beau Geste , in dramatic desertion.

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This would, he reasoned, legitimize the legion in the eyes of recruits, instill a sense of continuity with past generations and inculcate values and standards of behavior by making legionnaires custodians of supposedly hallowed practices. The date became a celebration of regimental legitimization, a behavioral model that provided a link across the World War I chasm between the old and new legions, a grasp at perpetuity for an accidental, transitory unit.

The Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ago

But legion exceptionalism and tradition could not guarantee survival. During the —62 Algerian War, negotiators floated the idea of partitioning Algeria between Muslims and European Pieds-noirs , leaving the legion to defend the latter. That was, of course, before April , when legion units spearheaded the failed putsch against French President Charles de Gaulle. The answer is that despite endemic desertion and indiscipline, even flirtations with sedition, the legion has bestowed France with incontestable benefits.

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The legion amalgamates immigration responsibilities with those of a national probation department. The force historically has incorporated French delinquents — up to 40 percent — who enlist as Belgians, Swiss or Luxembourgers. French recruits are essential to legion efficiency, as they inject a francophone core into what is otherwise a linguistic babel. In its early days the legion was the posting of last resort for commissioned outcasts lacking connections, pursued by debt or scandal. In short, men who, like the legionnaires they led, had little left to lose.

The resulting mix of last-chance officers and throwaway soldiers condemned the legion to unpopular missions in forgotten posts of empire to which politicians dared not consign their conscript constituents. Finally, the legion bolsters the self-esteem of a nation whose martial reputation has skidded since Waterloo. But Ulrich certainly put his finger on the paradox of the legion — namely, how did such a convention of unmanageable misfits and deserters manage to sustain a legendary combat record?

It also carried with it the obligation to invent an imaginary, upwardly mobile past. And the color sergeant put it all down in the big book without the ghost of a smile. But none consistently combined, over a century and a half, leaders fiery to the point of fanaticism and castoff soldiers with suicidal missions in places with unpronounceable names.

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So, the answer is that the French Foreign Legion away. In regular armies, conscription is largely gone, a consequence of the downsizing of post—Cold War military forces.

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  4. The legion now shares its foreign postings with French regular units composed of equally capable professionals. But are they tougher than the troops of the U. The changing character of counterinsurgency — with its emphasis on special operations forces — has also largely bypassed the legion. The United States maintains a separate organization, Special Operations Command, to coordinate the multiple special ops forces of the four U. Indeed, the roughly 7, legionnaires are divided into rather conventional light infantry, light armor and engineering regiments that are employed principally in peace-keeping support operations, missions in which diplomatic restraint, rather than the martial aggression typically associated with the legion, is the principal attribute.

    PMCs have also branched out into intelligence, cyber security and aviation-support operations. Moreover, it makes less economic sense for an experienced soldier to sell his skills as an individual for a five-year enlistment when working for a PMC would earn him significantly better pay for a shorter-term contract. The military services of many countries, including the United States, have been forced to throw open their doors to foreign nationals. I felt about the first half of this book the same way I felt about the first book, that it was more about the build up. It has been exploding in a chain reaction ever since.

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    Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth-century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilted fantasy man. I read the first book and wow, I was hooked from the beginning so I read the whole series and just finished. Their family is bicultural and bilingual, so this book was perfect for her to be able to learn and practice Spanish, and simple enough for the entire family to learn along with her.

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    ISBN Pdf. Perhaps this is because the house is mostly bare due to their extreme poverty, but it would have been interesting to know how the family acquired water for cooking and bathing and how the family bathed , if they had a fireplace or a Franklin stove, or simply used the kitchen stove to heat the house in the winter. He offers his home to a homeless man who has a map that leads to gold. Winnipeg Free Press.

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    Afterward I felt as wrung out as a dishrag, actually got so absorbed in the stories that I was as depressed as many of the characters are. To express the difference between Christianity and other religions, the author would express it in one word, "Jesus. Did you ever want to teach your kids the basics of Swahili.