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The original stern brunch daddy tweet. Toxic masculinity is like acid rain , not rain rain. The "I'm baby" meme. Andie said Gen Z doesn't fuck , but it sounds like they just don't date. Buy some romance buttons from Kelly! Show Notes Jen's the romance correspondent for Kirkus , and she recently wrote about Fabio who appeared on the original cover of Gentle Rogue. Also, this piece by Kelly Faircloth about romance covers is amazing. When Sarah dreamed of Amy Schumer, I wonder if it was anything like this? Voldemort and his horcruxes. The Magic of You is all about Georgie's brother Warren.

Here's some basic information about slavery in Jamaica and sugar plantations in particular. And the Slave Voyages site is an amazing and well-researched online archive you should also check out, which includes a searchable database of transatlantic boats and the numbers of enslaved people on board each ship. Although we didn't mention it the podcast, if you're reading romances where white people have weddings, parties, or balls on plantations The Georgian , the Regency , the Victorian.

In real life, billionaires are always a problem. For your consideration: a goodreads list of ugly duckling romances.

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A thread from EE Ottoman about why pants are not the problem We love Jen Porter. Lord of Scoundrels will definitely be making an appearnce in season 2. Sometimes we don't know if it's better to get bangs or just deal with our feelings. Why are there so many YA love triangles?

The Bridgertons , in case you don't know. Jen thinks James Malory is a Mary Sue. Coming up in two weeks, Dark Lover by J. An official Romancelandia poll on the best emjoi for pegging. I don't even know what to say. Show Notes Ultra-marathoners really do suck down energy gel out there! Soylent Green is people , and therefore not someting Ultramarathoners consume during their races.

Sarah uses weird with love. In fact, she crowdsourced a great weird romance list yesterday on Twitter. Head over there to overload your TBR. Robot girlfriends are a thing, I guess.

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  4. Keanu Reeves in the Matrix has his own gel problem. Ladyhawke is an 80s movie that honestly defies description, but lives on in our memories. Show Notes Anyone know if Warby Parker is looking for a podcast to sponser?

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    Jen had some hard-core FOMO. February 4th is Derek Craven Day, look at some of our tweets from that day. A reminder of that election and what we should have learned from Anita Hill. But Stormy Daniels is more in control of her narrative. Josh Lyman never calls it a recession , call it a bagel. IRL, Matilda was Pamela. But that ending, classic Lady or the Tiger or The Sopranos.

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    Vincent, whom many think is Lisa's best hero. They are wrong. We're back on Moonstruck with that mother-in-law and "Bring me the big knife! Jen meant coitus interruptus in the Urban Dictionary way , not the Merriam-Webster way. This article seems to think head hopping is more common in roamance, but I don't know if that's true. Have you listened to our bodily autonomy episode?

    Dangerous Liasons the book has been around for a long time, but Jen is talking about the movie. Doing spectacles better than F. Scott Fitzgerald. Gentle Rogue is coming up in two weeks. Kelly has some Fated Mates swag and Romancelandia buttons for sale. Derek Craven would never. Fated Mates is produced by Eric Mortensen. Show Notes The alpha , the beta , and the cinnamon roll. You should all follow Cora Harrington lingerie addict on twitter. It's all so beautiful.

    Jen's going to follow Alaina , the author, on twitter. Thanks, Steve! Did you somehow miss us talking about The Professional? It the Movie may or may not be your cup of tea, but this discussion of Jane Doe with Victoria Helen Stone has some really interesting points about horror and romance. Bourne from A Rogue by Any Other Name is "Sarah's worst hero" by which she means it was just reall satisfying to break him. You have to listen to our antiheroes episode if you want to know what it means to "take the finger.

    Hillary Clinton was wrong about romance novels, and Lisa Kleypas explains why. Adriana Herrera's American Dreamers series is one of our faves.

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    What it means to be a Kinsey 2. Romance for Raices has a few more days. Spend enough money and you can pick an upcoming interstitial topic! We're Back! Don't forget to like and subscribe in your favorite podcasting platform! It's deliciously filthy. Read Sarah's drunk texts to Jen and Kate on the Vika group chat. Take a look at these covers for Rebecca Zanetti's Deadly Silence.

    Sarah was on Wicked and the Wallflowers podcast to talk about Brazen and the Beast. You had no idea flag design was so fascinating. Looking back at twitter, it might have been a shared love of Derek Craven that made Sarah and Jen friends. We can't wait to discuss Dreaming of You in two weeks. Subscribe to these other amazing romance podcasts! Sarah's hometown library complete with dark corridors for romance novels is the Lincoln Public Library in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    Yes, yes, we're on hiatus. But we can't stop, won't stop! Team Vertas 4eva! The RITAs were amazing , and one of the best things about it was this romance trailblazers video. Lila is a face character at Disney. Read Pulphead! That Banksey video. It's interesting to think about a framing device and what it does for a story.

    Sarah's WaPo piece about the Alpha Feminist. All about archetypes and the princess trope. The Room of Requirement is part of Hogwards. When we talked about time, Sarah recommended Kylie Scott's Repeat.

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    We talked about curvy heroines way back at the beginning of this podcast. Everything Sian owns is in a box to the left.

    The Beauty and the Beast Library. We're all on Munro Watch. Thanks to everyone for listening to season one of Fated Mates! Show Notes What is the appeal of the antihero? Fangirl Jeanne wrote a really interesting thread about why she ships villains and what it means to believe in an HEA for everyone. The Sierra Simone Scale seems relevant here.