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About biologist Jeremy Griffith; 3.

Weekend sweep puts Bantam AAA Rangers in first place | Fort Saskatchewan Record

About the World Transformation Movement; 4. About the Transformed State; 5. The Great Scientific Questions; 6. About Religion and the New Age Movement; 7. About Politics; 8.

About Racism. So this new FAQ facility means you can now access 3 levels of explanation of all aspects of the human condition:. This is a 2-part presentation. In Part 1 Jeremy Griffith is able to use his understanding of the human condition to finally expose what exactly it is that is so incredibly dangerous about the politically correct culture that is presently threatening to take over the world. Jeremy Griffith explains how easy it is to become transformed now that the human condition has been solved. Over the 2 week period during the visit from the Zambian, Austrian and Melbourne WTM centres there were many wonderfully insightful and candid discussions which were all captured on camera.

We have put together 8 of the most captivating discussions for everyone to view.

Sweeping Subpoena Issued In Trump Probe

The dark night sky of our human-condition-stricken world lit up with joy and excitement when the inaugural WTM Global Conference was held in Sydney and the first three WTM Centres to be formed outside of our original Centre in Sydney were launched. WTM Members attending online : Prof. This new introductory series constitutes the first 14 essays of the Freedom Essay series. This has led to the creation of our new Introductory Video Series about the human condition, its dreamed-of resolution and the resulting world-saving transformation of the human race.

The WTM launches its eagerly awaited forum, allowing members of the public to discuss these all-important insights. Copies are also available for purchase in bookstores including Amazon. FREEDOM introduces a completely new paradigm of understanding, so it has to be expected that there is a great deal to consider and that it will take time for a meaningful appreciation of it to emerge.

It is a truly historic day for the human race. With its new first chapter and other exciting additions, together with a full suite of online video presentations and interviews about the book, FREEDOM was published on our WTM website. This webinar series features discussion of the exciting new paradigm that opens up now that understanding of the human condition has been found. The webinars contain both introductory material and more advanced analysis of the human condition, and so are extremely helpful in conveying the depth of insight into human behaviour that understanding of the human condition now makes possible.

The broad discussion included some focus on the origins and prevalence of autism in society today. From July to September over copies of IS IT TO BE were sent to leading scientific institutions, scientists and science commentators throughout the English-speaking world to introduce them to these world-saving understandings. See more of Jeremy's artworks. To mark the significance of this year, and in celebration of the fabulous future for humanity that is now possible, Jeremy created a fabulous sun mandala of harmony and happiness from shells that he has collected over a six month period from one small beach in Sydney.

While cockle shells are found on sandy sheltered beaches throughout the world, Jeremy has never seen these pure gold-coloured ones on any other beach.

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Oxide-stained yellowish cockle shells are usually a rusty brownish-yellow colour, but on this particular beach some are a pure gold colour. The white star limpet shells can be found on pretty well any beach. If you look closely you can see the WTM initials made from shells at the top of the frame.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC) First Look HD - Jason Ritter series

The whole picture is positively bursting with excitement! Our YouTube channel had a facelift and is very popular with hundreds of subscribers and thousands of videos being watched. Our Pinterest page is a vibrant and fascinating collection of photographs, drawings, quotes and videos all representing important aspects of this human-condition-solving and therefore world-saving information. With statistics showing that nearly one in four people worldwide will use social networks in , this is a marvellous platform to get these understandings to a wider audience, and so is another significant step toward a human-condition-free world.

In January , the results of a major overhaul of our website were uploaded, including a fresh design for our homepage and a new site search facility. Further additions by Jeremy Griffith, and edits by Fiona Cullen-Ward were added throughout both books. December saw the launch of the WTM Blog, which is the place to go to stay updated on the progress of the all-important work of the WTM, as well as to share the everyday application of this information.

With the human condition now solved, a whole new world of understanding and appreciation for the human journey can, and, in fact, is already starting to emerge, and the WTM Blog provides the forum to talk about it! Substantial additional explanation by Jeremy Griffith of the love-indoctrination process was included in Part There have been many other additions, as well as substantial editing of the text by Fiona Cullen-Ward.

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In short, there is a feast of new human-race-liberating understanding!! The Book of Real Answers to Everything!

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New Introductory Videos and a very exciting Membership Video are produced and launched on our website. Expanded Transcript of the Introductory Video published. Tim was also honoured to be the guest speaker at the annual dinner of The Alpine Club — the first ever guest speaker from Australia.

The Herald withdraws such inference and apologises to the Foundation for the harm caused by the publication. It was a gathering of the minds around the net as no puck shall pass. This was just after the victory at the tournament which saw the team go against the best bantam-aged players in the world. The stage: the JRC, Jan The opponent: the Sherwood Park Flyers. The Rangers jumped out to an early lead thanks to the stick of Jordan Gustafson, two minutes into the frame. The tight-checking affair featured some superb goaltending on both ends of the rink.

Rhett Melnyk doubled the Rangers lead, eight minutes into the second period. Fort Saskatchewan had a two-nothing lead over the Sherwood Park Flyers after 40 minutes. Fort Saskatchewan Ranger goaltender Carson Burkhart was solid in net, making 29 saves for the shut out. This is the second time this year the Rangers have shut out the Flyers.

Rick Steves Wants to Save the World, One Vacation at a Time

The Gustafson show continued with his second and his hat trick goal in the third. Jayden Joly added the insurance goal with five minutes left to go in the third, for a Ranger win. If you do the math, that is five-goals in minutes of hockey for Gustafson.

The young forward says he is building off of the success of the tournament in St. We have had some big injuries which have forced some of our players to take a bigger role than they had expected.