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Instead, she bled through four maxi pads a day. At the end of a long shift in January , she felt blood gushing into her jeans.

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A co-worker fetched her a black peacoat to wrap around her waist to cover the spreading stain. Hayes fainted before she could get to the car. An ambulance took her to the hospital. Hayes, who still works at the warehouse and is hoping for a promotion, said she never paid the bill. That spring, two more women had miscarriages at the warehouse.

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Both said that their supervisors rejected their requests to pack lighter boxes. One of the women, who still works at the warehouse, declined to be identified for fear of losing her job. The other was Tasha Murrell. She already had two boys and was praying for a girl. She planned to name the baby Dallas, after the Cowboys, her favorite football team.

Murrell said that she told her boss she was pregnant and asked to leave work early one day that spring because the lifting had become painful. While employed at the Verizon warehouse in , Tasha Murrell, pregnant at the time, told a supervisor she was in pain and asked to leave early; the manager said no. Murrell miscarried the next day. It has become deeply creased from being in his wallet. Her supervisor told her to get an abortion, according to a discrimination complaint she filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in April Murrell woke up the next morning to find her mattress stained with blood.

Her husband drove her to the emergency room, where doctors told her she had miscarried. Murrell left the job last year and is now an organizer with the Teamsters, which is trying to organize a union at the warehouse. Hayes and Ms. Murrell had the same supervisor: Amela Bukvic. Through her lawyer, Ms. Bukvic denied telling anyone to get an abortion. Bukvic said that she made sure that the pregnant women whom she managed had workloads that were not excessive. She said she never denied help to the pregnant employees. Chasisty Bee, 33, was four months pregnant.

Bee had miscarried in while working at the Verizon warehouse. Supervisors rejected her requests. One afternoon, after almost 14 hours on her feet, she started feeling dizzy and crumpled to the warehouse floor. Her physician told her that she had miscarried. After Ms. Bee got pregnant again in , she found a new job.

The next February, she gave birth to a healthy girl.

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed upgrading the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. That is the same language used in the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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  6. In , it looked as if the bill might gain traction. Pregnancy discrimination was suddenly grabbing headlines. But some Republicans, including Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, where the XPO warehouse is, viewed that bill as adding a confusing new layer of regulations, according to Senate aides. Alexander, who is chairman of the Senate committee on health and labor, co-sponsored a competing bill. It expanded protections for pregnant women in some cases.

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    Outside Washington, there have been fewer roadblocks. At least 23 states have passed laws that are stronger than current federal protections Tennessee is not among them. In Nebraska, an anti-abortion Democrat pushed the measure. XPO Logistics has had run-ins with regulators over labor issues. The problems extend beyond the warehouse floor — to hotels, restaurants, fire stations and stores. At the Albertsons grocery store in Atascadero, Calif. She pushed pound carts, dragged sacks of cat litter and climbed foot ladders to stock goods.

    Garcia got pregnant in July , found out she was having a girl and decided to name the baby Jade. Garcia told her boss that her pregnancy was high risk — she had previously given birth prematurely. The boss ignored the recommendation, according to a lawsuit she filed against Albertsons in federal court in Los Angeles.

    Garcia had a high-risk pregnancy. Heavy lifting can prompt smooth muscles like the uterus to contract, potentially inducing preterm labor, Dr. Stanislaus said. The regular twisting and hoisting caused intense pain, but Ms. Garcia needed the paycheck and the health insurance. She requested any other position — in the Albertsons bakery or at the meat counter or as a fruit cutter or in the pharmacy or at the customer service desk.

    Her boss turned her down, according to the lawsuit, which included corroborating statements from her colleagues. Her doctors sent two more notes. Stanislaus wrote.

    Copies of the letters were included in the suit. About three weeks later, in the middle of her shift, Ms. She asked her boss for permission to leave early; he gave her a long list of tasks that she needed to finish first. Garcia ended up working overtime. By the time she got home, she could feel her amniotic sac bulging between her legs. She went to the emergency room. She was 20 weeks pregnant. Five days later, Ms. Garcia gave birth to Jade.

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    The baby lived less than 10 minutes. Garcia said in her statement. In , Albertsons settled Ms.

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    Garcia said, according to her lawsuit. Jacobs, were on a buying spree. His strategy was simple: slash expenses and deliver quick profits.